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Friday, 21 January 2011

Structure for A2 exam q.1a

This was requested from the e-community; there are other versions elsewhere, but this is probably the simplest!

paragraph 1 should be an introduction which explains which projects you did. It can be quite short.

paragraph 2 should pick up the skill area and perhaps suggest something about your starting point with it- what skills did you have already and how were these illustrated. use an example.

paragraph 3 should talk through your use of that skill in early projects and what you learned and developed through these. Again there should be examples to support all that you say.

paragraph 4 should go on to demonstrate how the skill developed in later projects, again backed by examples, and reflecting back on how this represents moves forward for you from your early position.

paragraph 5 short conclusion

Remember it's only half an hour and you need to range across all your work!


  1. This is very simplistic as it ignores the requirement of the question to link 1 skill area to another.
    It is this element of the question that makes structuring a response challenging for students.

  2. As a department, we find the A2 exam (excluding section 2) incredibly dull to teach and students find it dull to learn sadly (despite our best efforts) with 1b being 5 relatively interesting concepts but to keep flogging the coursework products again and again with the analysis rather than new texts is very tedious and demands patience from students. 1a seems a slight waste of time too as this evaluation is done as part of the c/w anyway - does no one agree?

  3. Arfa and Anthony:
    Arfa: I didn't know what to include without feeling like I was writing too much. I had 30 minutes to write about 6 different aspects of my research and planning and felt that it was too much. In short, I didn't know what I should and shouldn't include.

    Anthony:I was not sure what to write in certain aspects of my essay. I didn't know how to include certain theorists within my answer.

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