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Friday, 31 December 2010

Theory for the A2 exam

Back in November, I asked members of the OCR Forum to post details of which theories/theorists/critics they had used for the A2 exam last year. I think most members of the forum must be very shy as hardly anyone responded! Anyway, thank you to those who did and here's what they said. I'm also doing another link to the Examiners' report from last summer where others are highlighted. After the January exams, I'll put up another post to indicate what we find in the scripts we see from the small January entry.

Collective Identity - British Asian and British Black:

Stuart Hall - Racial clowns
Chomsky - relationship between profit seeking media and govts.

And for identity creation in the Online age:
Huizinga - Homo Ludens

(Manju Nair)

This extract on Anthony Giddens' ideas from David Gauntlett's book, Media, Gender and Identity, is very interesting on collective identity: http://www.theory.org.uk/giddens3.htm

(Julian Gurr)

A useful selection related to music video:

Synaesthesia - Ferdinand Saussure
iconic indexical symbolic signs
Roland Barthes Mythologies
Interpellation Louis Althusser
E. A Kaplan visual hook
Laura Mulvey
Intertextuality, parody, pastiche
Andrew Goodwin
Sergei Eisenstein - montage
Classic Narrative text
Lyrics  and visuals - High level of incoherence, amplification, disjuncture, contradict, undermine
Dyer - utopia
Dyer - star quality
Hybrid of identities
Postmodern text - hyperreality, state of simulacrum
WE Media Gillmor
(Susan Gorney)


Lyotard (Grand Narratives) and Jameson (Constitutive Directives) as well as Baudrillard's simulacra. 

(Sophie Hill)

Once the students could apply the theories to this focus text, I started
to link these ideas to specific philosophers (Baudrillard, Deleuze,
Foucault, Barthes, Lyotard) and used 'PoMo Theory Cards'

(Matt Hall)

Any more for any more? feel free to send them on!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Final INSET event- Dec 10

There were 35 people at the final event in London, with the jelly baby activity possibly going better than ever!

Feedback was once again very positive, with almost 100% agree or strongly agree on every question. One delegate was concerned that there was not enough time for questions and that my responses to some questions appeared rather rude. I do apologise if this was the case, as it was certainly not my intention and I have scratched my head trying to think what I said that could have caused offence. In terms of time for questions, I did say at the start that I guaranteed every question would be answered, but that we would use the post-it method rather than interrupt the flow. A number of people left early, but some stayed well beyond the finish time to ensure that all remaining questions were addressed individually.

If anyone does still have unanswered questions from any INSET days, do feel free to mail me at petefraser@me.com