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Friday, 15 October 2010

Q&A from second INSET day 15/10/10

Should evaluation questions all be answered at the end of the process or as they go through the process over time?

The centre should guide candidates on this, but clearly preparing candidates for the evaluation questions/tasks can start from the outset and I know of at least one centre which is getting candidates to make part of their evaluation task videos as they go along. The final seven responses should be put together for moderation at the end of the process, e.g. at the top of the group's blog.

Are they penalised if all their posts are over a short period of time?

Not necessarily, but to be honest, it doesn't look good and doesn't look like planning, especially if they are all done at the end!

If titles are an art form, shouldn't this be a discrete brief?

In a way, it is! Candidates need to be looking closely at how film openings work as part of their research and a significant element of this is the titles. Look at the work of Saul Bass, for instance, which offer artistic titles but which also opens films very effectively, suggesting narratives, themes and characters.

Is it a level playing field between topics on G325?
Yes. There are expectations of depth and breadth for all topics.

Do ALL G322B topics need to include indie v major contrast?

no but they should be contrasting in one way or another, otherwise there is a danger that candidates will be caught out by the question and find they have little to say or worse still answer as if their single case study represents the only way their industry works.

Should the A2 exam be longer?

It has to be 2 hours. But we do understand that for Section A 30 mins can be a bit tight and that markers' expectations should be for what is possible in the time allocated.

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