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Sunday, 24 October 2010

File Conversion

Several people have sent comments to the e-list about file conversions.

Here are some points:

David Burrows: "With videos for G321/G324 in mind, can anyone suggest (ideally freeware!) software for this? Haven't found any that convince so far!
Also, any recommendations for sound/video file converters?"

Gary seal: "File converting - FormatFactory does the job and is free."

Hannah Cayton: "For screen recording on a Mac, I use Snapz Pro. It was around £60 when I bought it a couple of yeas ago. Not free, I know, but it works really well for recording moving image and demonstrations.

keepvid.com is great was grabbing videos from YouTube, offers you several formats and file sizes, and is free."


  1. http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ is an excellent and versatile audio converter - when I downloaded it originally, it was free, and paying a few dollars allowed you to edit mp3 tags. It costs more now, but is good value and well worth the modest cost.

  2. For macs, screenflow is amazing and really cheap - for evaluations....

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