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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Clarification 12: Local paper poster

"Can anyone give me guidance on what a poster for a new local newspaper
might be like? Does anyone have some previous work I could look at?
Neither the student (nor me, based on past experience) wants to do the
website brief so he has to do the poster. Many thanks."

In practice, this might be better considered as an imaginary billboard advertising the new paper. We had so few entries for this option that it is difficult to provide examples which really worked well. Consider how any print artefact might be advertised on a poster and think about how this might be adapted for a new local paper.

From Donna (Principal Moderator for A2)"What we are not expecting is the sort of A-board put up outside newsagents. Here are some real examples: one local and some nationals



and a good idea from Vicky Allen:

"We think that the poster for the local newspaper should be based on the competition/event that is also being advertised on the radio trail and on the paper itself to create synergy'.

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