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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Clarification 11: Blog sites to use

Someone asked what are good sites avoiding linking up with Google?


Have all been recommended so far. I will add any other recommendations here

from David Allison: "I use Wordpress, which works very well, and this year I've refined the setup a little. I've set up an Administrator account from which to run all the A Level blogs, and then two Editor accounts - one for AS, one for A2, using gmail accounts for email addresses, as every account-holder has to have some kind of email address. Students in each cohort (AS and A2) are on their honour not to interfere with each other's work, but there were no problems with that last year. Giving them Editor status means they can't change the main password or profile, and they can't change the template for their Blog, but everything else is up for grabs.

Last year I had individual and group blogs, so that I could differentiate assessment for certain tasks. That was a bit of an assessment nightmare, so this year it's one blog per group, but with a subsidiary page for each member for any individual reflections, and for their evaluations. I've also set up categories for each group, so that students can 'sign' their entries. I've put a category cloud in the sidebar, and as their work progresses, the relative size of each of their names should show who's contributed to the most posts! Clicking on one of their names will then filter the blog to show only those posts authored or co-authored by that student.

Over all of this I have one main blog page for each cohort from which I link to each group blog. Later, when the sample is called, I will create a page especially for the moderator linking to their group and individual work. You can see an example of this from last year here "

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