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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Headlines from examiners' report

It is important to read the whole thing, but if I had to pick eight headlines...

1. Set up a blog hub if you are using blogs with your students

2. If submitting disks, reduce it to one or two well organised and labelled DVDs for the whole centre

3. Go for a multi-task creative evaluation- NOT an essay!

4. Get the students to keep lots of research and planning evidence- a post a day throughout the project!

5. If doing Magazines, make sure you have decent DTP facilities and the students can use them!

6. If doing film openings, make sure titles are properly researched and properly done- actors, key crew members and company names should be on there!

7. Start preparing for q.1a and b of the A2 exam right from the start of the course!

8. See part B of the A2 exam as a chance for students to apply ideas to their own CONTEMPORARY examples


  1. What marks are awarded for quality of writing in music magazine and film review pages? The emphasis seems to be on layout. Students who interviewed real bands and performers did not seem to be rewarded nor did those who used 'film critic' language successfully.
    Would it be possible to give Centres the break down between TV Drama and Institutions question without us having to recall papers?
    V. Raison CSG

  2. The centre awards the marks, rather than the moderator. Appropriate language for the magazine is important.

    Unfortunately there is no mechanism for breaking down the marks to report to centres on exam papers at present