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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Clarification 9: key Terms for Moving image

We often receive requests asking for clarification of key terms from G321 Textual analysis. A full glossary is beyond the scope of this blog, but a quick google reveals the following useful sites here and here

Particular terms which a recent correspondent wanted clarification on were those in italics here

- Production design: location, studio, set design, costume and make-up, properties.

- Soundtrack: score, incidental music, themes and stings, ambient sound.

Properties are better known as props or objects.

Themes and stings are music terms
Theme: A melodic or, sometimes a harmonic idea presented in a musical form.
Sting: distinctive background music used to add emphasis to an important moment in a film or tv programme

We were also asked what exactly do we mean by cross-cutting and parallel editing and how are these different? A brief explanation of cross-cutting appears here, though I think they are interchangeable as terms.

The best book for all moving image terms is probably still ‘Film Art’ by Bordwell and Thompson, which I first bought as an undergraduate back in 1979. The latest edition, much updated, is available on amazon.

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