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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Clarification 8: G325 scripts

"I have asked for copies of exam scripts for G325 in order to see how the grades looked in terms of an A, a B and C. Mainly because I felt a bit insecure teaching it last year. Unfortunately all the grades have clearly been moved by a very significant margin e.g. 12 marks overall, which I was not aware of when I was given the marks originally.

They have not been broken down according to the questions so I have no idea what marks are awarded for what questions. This makes it very difficult to create a good exemplar to deconstruct in class.

Is there any way I can find out and has anyone else had this problem?"

This relates to the tables Rob put out on the list last week. The boundary for A grade had to come down a lot, as is common on the first full sitting of a new paper, so a candidate scoring 68 this time was raised to 80. All papers should contain the original marks allocated.

I wouldn't worry about the scores for deconstructing an exemplar in class- get the students to have a look at the answers and map them against the mark scheme in the different levels. their ultimate target should be to get their work to level 4 in all areas, so what would the papers they are looking at need to do in order to achieve this?

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