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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

AS work

On the INSET CD, some material will appear which exemplify the characteristics of particular levels for construction. Some of the blogs are linked here, for further reference.

This level 4 video would not score so highly for the blog, which could do with more extensive evidence of the process and particularly a less writing-based evaluation to match the high standard of the video work.

This level 3 video features a quite extensive blog with some more varied evaluation tasks.

This blog accompanies a level 1 video available on the INSET DVD. It is quite substantial, but at time unfocussed and too text heavy; it would score more highly than the final video however, as there is a lot of evidence of the process here. The evaluation is quite weak and simplistic and again very text heavy.

The level 3 magazine here is quite stylish and follows conventions meticulously, but the blog is very brief and heavily text based for the evaluation. Pictures in the magazine could be more varied, with the use of more than one model.

The evaluations on video by this group make good use of creative possibilities with a mix of answering questions to camera and insert video footage from the project. In addition, the group has done over 60 posts detailing the project. In all three categories, this work attained level 4.

In this blog, the creative potential for research, planning and evaluation tasks is fully exploited in imaginative, original and lively ways. Indeed, the whole site is designed and built by the students themselves from the basic Wix template. Research, planning and evaluation all gained full marks, though the actual finished video was level 3.

In this blog, the candidate has produced a very limited number of posts and an evaluation which only randomly connects with the seven questions. The finished magazine has potential, with some good images and a sense of targeting its audience, though the double page spread looks rather minimalist. There is evidence of research collated in the powerpoint slides, but planning is very limited. The older posts indicate that the candidates had the choice of two tasks and had done both preliminaries.

This blog makes a lot of use of scribd and slideshare embeds. Though this is fine, it can start to give the impression of lots of illustrated word documents uploaded and then embedded, when maybe more use could be made of the blog itself for illustration and development of the process?

This magazine task blog from January is generally quite good at showing how the project develops, with screengrabs of various stages of construction. This one likewise is quite extensive.

Lots of centres use blogger, with wordpress being the second most popular blogging option. There are others, however. This centre uses weebly, which has the advantage of the website 'look' with tabs, but maybe gives less of a sense of the journey of the project. This wordpress blog illustrates the way in which organisation may be made simple, but it
does involve the reader clicking on every title in order to view all the work. This one is also quite tricky to find your way around and needs simpler, clearer organisation. Blog.co.uk does not seem to offer much potential as illustrated here.

Aggghhh! colourscheme! And all text too. Why use scribd for the evaluation? He might as well have just typed it into the blog. A good one to get your students to deconstruct to consider the pitfalls to avoid.

This blog is simple but makes good use of images and takes us through the process well. the magazine is really well done, though a bit too reminiscent of kerrang!

Prezi is a useful tool to try out. This evaluation is rather artistic, like a Saul Bass graphics sequence, but maybe isn't yet using the potential of the format.

Organising your blogs both for use during the year and when submitting for moderation is important. This school is a good model of practice.

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