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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A2 Blogs

The evaluations from this A2 group are available on the INSET disk as well as linked here. One of the candidates' G325 exam answers for questions 1a and 1b are also on the disk, which give a good indication of successful strategies for using the coursework in a response. As the candidate refers to the AS project, the blogs are linked here too.

This extensive A2 music video blog contains many features which help it to attain level 4 for both research & planning and for evaluation.

This A2 trailer task blog is also accompanied on the INSET disk by extracts from the candidate's exam answer. A moderator's commentary will also be available to delegates.

The short film task is very popular. This blog illustrates a very solid level 4 approach to the research, planning and evaluation.

Another good A2 blog.The evaluation may be a bit text-heavy but is nonetheless very substantial.

This blog uses a lot of good visual material for the music video task.

Another blog where the candidate's exam response is available on the INSET disk.

A youtube video evaluation using chromakey and a presentation.

A centre with a plethora of excellent blogs

A more limited blog for the documentary task

What grade would this get? An interesting question! is this commercial music video any better than what students produce for A2?

This single post blog is just an essay pasted in, rendering the format pointless.

A rather nice video evaluation which makes use of a range of techniques.

113 post A2 Music Video blog which documents the whole process very well

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