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Monday, 3 May 2010

Marking the blogs and evaluation

The two blogs linked on the sidebar are both examples where level 4 would be appropriate for both research and planning and evaluation.

the A2 blog contains 71 posts and is very extensive. At the top are the finished productions, followed by evaluation tasks, with the research and planning chronologically from the bottom. Task 1 makes good use of their own video and videos researched, with bullet points to expand ideas. There is substantial thinking involved in a task like this, selecting appropriate images and showing how they match conventions. Task 2 involves some creative work and good use of available technology. Task 3 is wordy but reasonably thorough and Task 4 contains a summary of key points about technology use with some attempt to show how it all integrates, particularly in the image. Overall, the evaluation gets into the bottom end of level 4, with 17/20.

Research and planning is very thorough- remember this is an individual blog- and takes us through the project journey, illustrating the process very well, including early ideas, refinements in the light of feedback, the planning and logistics and where ideas have come from. Taken with teacher comments on how the candidate worked on R&P, it scores 19/20.

The AS blog is organised in the same way, with the final production accessible for the moderator at the very top. Again with 56 posts, this is very substantial individual evidence. The nine frames task is expanded upon in a lot of detail and each of the other tasks takes up a different approach to consider the question, each using some form of illustration and often stretching the use of the technology, with task 5 for example showing the use of labels on youtube as well as voiceover. The level of detail and sophistication gives this evaluation top marks 20/20.

The research and planning is similarly detailed, thorough, systematic and well illustrated making good use of the blog format and all online potential and covering a huge range of areas, all of which has benefited the production. Again it scores top marks 20/20.


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