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Saturday, 10 October 2009

General issues

How do students get an A* grade

They need 320 marks, of which at least 180 must be obtained in the A2 units.

When are moderator's reports due?

You should have received it when you got your results in August. Please contact the Qualification manager, Rob Carlton and he will find out what has happened. the same is true if your coursework has not arrived back yet!

Is it fair for a moderator to put down a whole centre's marks? It seems unfair on some students.

This is the nature of moderation in all subjects. It relies on your rank order being consistent so that any mark changes to adjust a centre to national standards can be applied to the whole of your cohort. If a moderator thinks marks are wrong in a particular mark range, he/she can change that range only, provided it does not affect the overall rank order. This policy applies for all boards in all subjects- not just media or OCR.

What if any dialogue is possible when there are glaring errors in the coursework moderator's analysis?

Where centres believe a genuine mistake has been made e.g. a preliminary task penalty applied
when the preliminary task was carried out, please contact Rob Carlton, the Qualifications Manager in the first instance. This does not apply to disagreements with moderation decisions. All other concerns about moderation should go through the results enquiries service as published on the OCR website.

I welcome the openness of the A2 spec but am nervous about the 'quality' of marking given some past experience

We are working hard to ensure that markers only work on one paper, that team leaders emphasise quality control in their role and that checking escalates up the chain more to ensure consistency of standards. There is also additional training for moderation team leaders coming up soon. Hopefully, all this illustrates our committment to improving the level of confidence in the marking process.

Are there standardisation meetings for teachers of this course?

These days are it! If you would like a visit from a senior moderator to help further, please e-mail the Qualifications Manager, Rob Carlton to discuss.

How important is it to use the endorsed textbook? The centre cannot afford to buy a set for all students.

At the risk of upsetting my colleague, who wrote it, at least if the teacher has a copy, any useful pointers can be used in the classroom. However, you should not photocopy chunks for all students!

What is the tolerance between a centre's marks and the moderator's marks?

3. so if you give 79 and the moderator thinks it is 82, the marks would not be changed.

Is there any way around school firewalls blocking the use of blogs?

Put pressure on management and report it to the Media Education association who are lobbying about this issue. The only alternative is to set them up from home and get students to do their blogging from there.

Has OCR thought of providing a central blog hub or site that centres can upload coursework to, construct blogs etc

yes, there is an area called the repository for coursework which a number of subjects used last year but we felt that for media this would not be a feasible option given the file size of video work. For blogs, it would again create many complications; you are definitely better off using a free site like blogger.

When I tried to expand comment boxes for the marksheets, they fail to print out. What can i do?

Put extra comments on a word document and print that additionally.

What do I do about a student who does not contribute to group work but the product is high quality?

Make clear in your comments why your mark is so much lower for that individual!

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  1. My students have created music magazine front covers, content pages and double page spreads-does it have to be on photographic quality paper?