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Friday, 9 October 2009

G321 Foundation Portfolio

What universal formats should be used?

PDF for print, JPEG for pictures, MP3 for audio, Video should be on a DVD readable on domestic players. If online, in a blog, it needs to play without problems; only having it online risks the quality being reduced for playback, so bear that in mind!

Are we allowed to use Publisher for print coursework? Our moderator suggested it wasn't good enough.

In general, it seems that Publisher is quite limiting in terms of what students can do with it, which might make creating an effective layout too problematic. However, some teachers at the session suggested that with clever use you can get more out of the program than you might expect.

Is there a problem with teachers putting comments on students' blogs in a formative way?

No that's fine

As the LEA will not allow access to blogs in the classroom, we may use powerpoints. Do these have to be filmed?

Not necessarily, but it has worked well for those centres who have filmed them.

Will the moderator accept a password to look at student blogs on our VLE or prefer them on disc?

Yes, a password is acceptable, but if you find putting them on disk keeps them in a format which shows their intentions, that is fine too.

we were told by the moderator that electronic R&P is compulsory at AS

This is not the case at AS.

I am new to Head of Dept, we have DTP and Fireworks available to create school/music magazine. Does this sound sufficient?

Answer from the floor on this one was that Fireworks is fine for image manipulation

How does OCR check the coursework moderators' comments? Our June 09 was full of inaccuracies – candidate nos incorrect, one number not related to any students in our centre, one referred to print prelim – candidate did film

We are currently working on quality control with team leaders doing increased checking in future. It sounds as if there may have been a clerical error in this instance with the report going to the wrong centre

How much research should be done? Or to put it another way what type of research?

there should be some research into similar products and target audience and to institution so that they can answer the evaluation question.

Can students use copyright music or not?
They need to identify sources of copyright free music/sounds at AS.

How can we avoid using popular copyrighted music in rom-com where it's part of he conventions of the genre?

Someone suggested getting the students to record the track, which would be acceptable.

What comments and what level of detail is best when marking?

There needs to be a balance between ref to spec and giving examples from work to back up decisions. Comments are not about selling the product to the moderator and should mention weaknesses as well as strengths. The commentaries on practical work from exemplar pieces may be helpful for this.

If a podcast is submitted for the evaluation, is it possible to include interview and prompting by the teacher?

Yes and this is a good idea to ensure they give more detailed answers and don't just read an essay

What evidence of process in research and planning would you suggest for video?

storyboards/animatics, photos of costumes, locations, props, actors....see the Chestnut Grove blogs for some good examples (link at top of blog)

If a powerpoint shouldn't look wordy, how can they tell us what they have done in enough detail?

Images annotated can work very well and say a lot more than hundreds of words; bullet points, links, bits of audio are all possible to link in.

we were told we should have filmed the presentation

That is not a compulsory element- a moderator could offer that as a suggestion, and it certainly can help if presentations are filmed or audiotaped as it means you have more evidence to show

It would have been helpful to know for definite that electronic research and planning at AS was best

This was always suggested as an OPTION, but we have seen lots of good paper evidence; from the point of view of reducing postage and huge volumes of stuff for moderators to wade through and from the point of view of preparing for R&P at A2, it is recommended, but there is certainly no penalty for using paper at AS

Why is it a requirement to use dialogue for opening sequences?

It isn't. There should be appropriate sound for whatever is created. if it really looks like we should be hearing dialogue and there is only music, that is an issue, but an abstract title sequence might well be wholly music-based. Also for consideration: atmospheric sound

What if no social group is represented in the title sequence? How will they evaluate it?

They might well not- they would just make it clear why they have gone for a different approach; although all seven questions should be addressed, it is quite possible some will have more detail than others.

What is judged as minimal, basic, proficient, excellent will always be subjective

Absolutely right and the examples used at the INSET days are designed to give a steer as to where the national standard ought to be for each of those for construction. Marking coursework is not an easy task and moderating it is just as hard, but we need to have a set of expectations in order for the process nationally to be fair and for results to be comparable.

Our moderator commented "mise en scene for productions tended to be based in school which didn't really enable candidates to show excellence". Does that mean we should not use schools as a location for productions?

It means that candidates need to pay close attention to how they construct their mise-en-scene. it is always possible to disguise your set with careful use of props and camerawork. If they do have to film in school, they need to invest time in the planning to make it look effective

Will the structure of blogs be marked? If they forget something and add it later will they be penalised?

No. They can change the dates on posts anyway by going into settings on most blog options, like blogspot.

Will students lose marks if music or films can't be uploaded to blogs?

No they just need to explain why they can't get it to link or put them in a different format, such as on a disk

Our moderator thought some of the images were not original, but they were!

Make sure that all images for print work are clearly identified as their own by candidates, so that they show the process they have gone through

Where can we get copyright free music?

there were suggestions from the day but for one I couldn't read what the teacher had written and everything i tried won't link! Looks like igt music? the other www.freeplaymusic.com

How do I create an animatic?

1. draw storyboard frames- nice and bold, black pen if possible
2. take individual photos of each frame
3. upload the photos to the computer
4. import the photos into the edit programme
5. drop each image onto the timeline and cut to the required length
6. put music or other sound on the audio timeline
7. add titles or effects/transitions as required
8. export to quicktime and upload to youtube or vimeo
9. embed the video onto the blog or save it to a Cd

How do I set up a blog?

there should be a simple pdf for blogger here available to download, along with some other useful documents

Do students each have to have their own blogger account?

Could do or you could set them all up and share a password/gmail address

To what extent is creativity marked? Its not on the markscheme for G321. If a sequence is technically almost flawless, should it get a top grade?

Yes it should given the criteria, but the intention is always to encourage a creative approach.

Should blogs contain individual or group entries?

Can be either, but for a group blog, tagging their posts would be advisable.

Is there an example of a director’s commentary anywhere?

Here is one- their channel on youtube features some more:

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